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4 reasons you could be experiencing unwanted hair growth

Some people often find that their hair growth pattern seems "out of the norm," constantly comparing it to societal standards. Of course, it varies from person to person on what exactly would be considered abnormal, but how can we decipher between what could be a medical condition or emotional status vs. a regular pattern? Different causes can vary from genetics, hormonal disorders, or even stress. So let's discuss what can be the cause or the aggregator for your hair growth.


The hair pattern you are experiencing is common among family members, so we assume you've inherited it. You were born with this genetic makeup and will likely pass it on to your children.

Certain ethnicities also tend to have more body hair than others, i.e., those of Mediterranean descent.

Hormonal Disorders

PCOS: Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is a widespread female hormonal disorder that can increase hair growth patterns on various body areas. A definite cause of the development of PCOS is still unknown, but research shows that genetics plays a vital role. Depending on the severity of the hair growth & other symptoms that can accompany PCOS, you should seek a physician's opinion, preferably an endocrinologist, to distinguish if you should obtain medication or, if you want, start a permanent hair removal process.

Your Adrenals & Ovaries: Your adrenals & ovaries are 2 of the primary sources of androgen production. If either is not functioning correctly, excessive hair growth can be a result tied to a particular medical condition; you should consult your doctor.


Yes! Stress can cause unwanted hair growth. When your body is experiencing chronic stress, a chain reaction happens, which produces more androgen hormones that can cause unwanted hair growth.


Many prescriptions not intended for hair growth or loss can carry this as a side effect unbeknownst to you. If you feel you've been experiencing an increase in hair growth after being prescribed medication, consult your doctor to find a replacement.

Excessive hair growth has many causes and sometimes no external source; it's your genetic makeup. Always consult a doctor if you feel like you have a medical condition contributing to increased hair growth. Good Luck!


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