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Does hair grow back after Electrolysis?

The short answer is NO. Once a hair and its cells are killed with electrolysis, it never grows back!

Reasons for new growth or regrowth.

  • You might experience new hairs that were not treated yet, growing in. Every hair on our body is in a different stage; once an area is cleared for the first time with electrolysis, the hairs that you see by your next appointment are new hairs that were not treated previously.

Note: These hairs were most likely from newly activated hair follicles or hairs that were under the treated hair.

  • Newly activated follicles: As humans, we have hundreds of hair follicles per square inch on our bodies. These follicles can become active at any time, day, week, or hour. This is due to changes in hormone levels or drugs. A client experiencing hirsutism will have a higher percentage of newly activated follicles throughout treatment due to the higher levels of circulating androgens.

  • Treating hairs that are not in the ideal phase:

Hair has three primary stages of hair growth: Anagen, Catagen & Telogen.

Anagen: The active phase. The first phase of hair growth. The hair is receiving nourishment to grow, and all the cells that need to be destroyed to achieve permanent hair removal are in the best position for the most successful treatment. This is the most optimal stage to treat the hair.

Catagen: The shedding stage. The hair stops growing and starts to move upwards towards the skin surface. The success rate of electrolysis is reduced but still effective in damaging the hair when treated in this stage.

Telogen: The resting phase. The hair lays dormant, ready to fall out. A hair typically treated in this stage will regrow.

Note: Once the hair goes through all the stages, it begins again.

As you can see, many factors can cause regrowth or be perceived as hairs growing back. The most important thing to remember is always to discuss these instances with your electrologist.


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