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Happy 'NO HAIR' Year

Is getting rid of that hair that's been bothering you for months or years now on your 2023 to do?! If yes is your answer, then I hope to see you soon, but first, I will share some incentives/tips to help you begin and maintain your electrolysis hair removal journey.

1)If you start now, this time next year, your hair density will be reduced significantly/you'll be halfway through your treatment plan, depending on the area! The sooner you start, the faster you'll see results.

P.S. As you age, the hair often multiplies, so NOW is a better time than the future.

2)Electrolysis is a temporary investment that leads to lifetime benefits. It can take anywhere from 16 months -3 years, based on certain factors, but it is not a lifetime process. Once the hair is gone, it's gone for good! You'll rid any hair that's bothersome & the impact that it usually has on the skin (ingrown hairs, discoloration, etc.)

3) "Moments of discomfort for a lifetime of delight."- ME

The sensation accompanying electrolysis hair removal is similar to that of a sting. It varies in intensity depending on your tolerance, skin sensitivity, hair coarseness, etc. Some people can doze off during treatment, while some need aid in lessening the sensation (I,e numbing) to be more comfortable. When a session seems especially unpleasant, remember my quote above as motivation to stay the course!

Make 2023 a "YOU" year! Invest in yourself, whatever that may look like for you, whether that is electrolysis hair removal or other self-care outlets. It's now or n…matter of fact, it's

just now!


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