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Hirsutism & Electrolysis

Do you feel you have excessive body hair? Terminal (Dark & thick) hairs growing abnormally on specific body areas, i.e., the face, chest, back, inner thighs, & abdomen, you might be experiencing HIRSUTISM.

While some people have hair growth pre-determined by their genetics & not accompanied by a hormonal issue, hirsutism is excess in hairs, prominently dark, on specific body parts considered abnormal. The primary cause is excess ANDROGENS circulating in the bloodstream.

ANDROGEN-Sex hormones, responsible for body development; found in both men & females, but men biologically produce more.

Now, what causes excess ANDROGEN in women?

· Polycystic ovarian syndrome, PCOS. The most common cause

· Tumors on the ovaries -very rare

· Follicular sensitivity to regular circulating androgen Medications (i.e., Birth control with a “High androgen index,” steroids)

· Thyroid Disfunction

Electrolysis is the only way to remove the hairs present from Hirsutism permanently!

NOTE: You should seek a medical professional if you feel you have a glandular disorder that needs to be controlled before you begin electrolysis. In an Electrolysis consultation, I will always provide my professional opinion on if you should halt your electrolysis journey and consult a doctor before we start treatment.

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