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On a Personal-Professional note

What Electrolysis means to me

Electrolysis hair removal changed my life. It got rid of the hairs on my chin, yes, but more importantly, it allowed me to discover a process that can also change the lives of others. Some people are convinced that they will be burdened with their unwanted hair forever, whether that's hair on their face, chest, arms, tummy, etc. Hairs that may make you self-conscious, having to shave or wax weekly, or just having to apply makeup heavily on the area to disguise them. My duty as an Electrologist is to assess, recommend and get you on the path of your hair-free goals.

My Education

  • I completed the NYS requirement of 120 hours while shadowing an experienced Electrologist in the field.

  • Within six months of graduating from school and working full-time as an Electrologist in Manhattan, NY, I took an international online course, advancing my techniques and education.

  • I went back to school again to complete additional hours and accomplished a current total of 300 hours.

  • I achieved the title of being a BOARD CERTIFIED ELECTROLOGIST, CPE. This credential exemplifies my ongoing strive for the absolute best during my career; to give my clients the best version of an Electrologist they should seek to encounter.

My treatments

Sessions vary from person to person. I perform my insertions with intention; each hair is different and often needs frequent setting adjustments to achieve an efficient treatment. My goal is to give you the best individual treatment for your hair type, skin sensitivity, and pain threshold. I also use the term "pain" loosely; I operate with the latest and most comfortable machine on the market, the Apilus Xcell Pro. This machine provides the most comfortable treatment and faster permanent results vs. older technology.

I respect the profession and uphold the standards set by professionals before me and that I have set for myself. I love what I do, and you'll see proof in the service I provide here at REVEAL BK; from my general demeanor to my bedside manner, they're the same; attentive and a passion for the art of Electrolysis hair removal!

Deneille Watson


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