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Scarring, Hyperpigmentation, and Electrolysis reactions.

Undergoing certain life moments varying from surgery, injuries, and hair removal methods to something simple as popping a pimple, a common question is, "Is it going to leave a scar"? Scarring is a word that when told is a possibility, can send you running in the other direction or rushed over with a feeling of sadness because of that news; assuming you may be ridden with that imperfection forever.

Electrolysis hair removal, when done correctly, does not cause permanent scarring. Scarring during electrolysis results from incorrect insertion, excessive/persistent scabbing & consistent overtreatment of the hair follicle. Thus, while one may think scarring and hyperpigmentation are the same, they are not.

Post-Inflammatory hyperpigmentation commonly can occur during electrolysis treatments when melanocytes (cells that produce the pigment in the skin) get stimulated in response to the electrolysis sensation. Typically, we all have the same number of melanocytes among different races, but some have more melanocytes active. People with darker skin have more active and more prominent melanocytes. Therefore, people with darker skin tones are more susceptible to hyperpigmentation as an electrolysis reaction. The great news is that the hyperpigmentation that may occur with electrolysis hair removal is temporary, lasting from weeks to months or fading after treatment is complete.

Aftercare when having electrolysis treatments also plays a big part in preventing further hyperpigmentation or irritation. Your pores can be easily infected in the immediate days after treatment: refraining from using soaps, and oil/perfumed-based products while keeping the area clean and soothed will allow the skin to heal without complications.

Sunscreen: The sun's UV rays can cause a change in pigment in the area by stimulating melanocytes to produce more melanin as a protectant; it is imperative to apply sunscreen to the treated area daily to prevent this from happening.

Scabbing: Any scabs that form after electrolysis, do not pick; allow them to fall off naturally in the days ahead to prevent further irritation or discoloration.

Don't be hesitant to try electrolysis for fear of damaging the skin permanently. Instead, research and find certified electrologists in your area. Once you share your concerns, the electrologist will further explain the precautions to be taken that will keep your skin happy & healthy; your mind will be put at ease!


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