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The consultation

A consult is vital when starting your electrolysis hair removal journey. Every electrologist has a different technique, machinery, and overall ambiance of their office/suite that may or may not be the greatest fit for YOU.

What to look for in a consultation:


Ensure that your intended electrologist is certified. Ask or look for their certifications; it should be posted in the electrologists' suite. In addition, each state has individual requirements for electrolysis hair removal, be aware of your state's requirement before your visit.


Older electrolysis hair removal machines tend to be more painful; At the same time, some have no problem tolerating it, and others may want to locate another tech with a later technology that will make the treatments more comfortable. It's not one fit for all with electrolysis hair removal; remember, each tech's technique and technology can differ.

Test Patch

The electrologist will offer a test patch; they'll assess skin reactions and establish the settings your hair will need for future appointments. It can stem anywhere from 5 minutes to 30 minutes. YOU will also get the opportunity to test the waters by getting a feel for the treatment without making any obligations to proceed with additional treatments.

Ambiance/Bedside Manner

Electrolysis hair removal is a commitment that can take 1-3 years to complete fully. Therefore, it would be best if you were assured and confident in deciding to proceed with treatments with that electrologist. If you are not, try different locations and experience the differences to make your decision easier. Treat it like a new relationship because your sessions require vulnerability. If you can't express your concerns during your sessions or feel confident about your sessions, you won't get the most out of your electrolysis hair removal journey.

You want to make sure you're in the best care when it comes to electrolysis hair removal. Certified, great technology, personable with a big side of passion should be what to seek; good luck


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