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4 reasons to consider Electrolysis hair removal.

So, you know you want to remove specific hairs on your body permanently, but you're not sure how or if the benefits loom large enough. This blog, in its entirety, is for you!

It can save you thousands of dollars.

While Electrolysis can seem like an unnecessary investment to some, after Electrolysis treatment is completed, no longer are the days of monthly waxes or daily shaves. Yes, it's an investment, but one with a $$ reward.

It eliminates ingrown hairs & discoloration.

We all have experienced ingrown hairs before; they can be a pest. Exfoliation & recommended products are helping, but the ingrown hairs are persisting. ELECTROLYSIS HAIR REMOVAL! Once the hair is killed with Electrolysis, an ingrown will cease to be a problem; you can't have ingrown hair if there's no hair. Furthermore, there will be no future discoloration from the hair itself or the ingrown hairs.

Laser didn't work for you/not a candidate.

Laser can be an excellent modality for reducing hair on large areas such as the bikini and underarms. Then, once you've reached your "peak point" where the Laser is no longer effective, Electrolysis can complete the hair-free process. The flip side is, for those who have sporadic hair growth, peach fuzz, or hair that Laser is not effective on, Electrolysis is your only option because it is the only permanent hair removal procedure that works on all hair types.

Your hair is blonde, white, or grey.

Electrolysis hair removal is the only modality that permanently removes the body's blonde, white & grey hairs. So, if you are interested in ridding these hairs forever, Electrolysis is your only option.

I've given you a few points to consider if permanent hair removal is even a thought in your mind. You can now further your research and gather additional information before deciding if you should take the plunge. Good Luck!


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