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REVEAL BK is committed to helping you achieve your unwanted hair goals with electrolysis! Start your journey with us today.

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"I have hairs growing on my chin, neck & cheeks. I want to get rid of them forever! What can I do?

I always get ingrown hairs; I want to get rid of them forever! What can I do?

I have hairs on my stomach & I'm very self-conscious about it. What can I do to get rid of them permanently?

Electrolysis is the only FDA-approved method to remove hairs from the body permanently!

I want to get rid of my upper lip hairs forever! What can I do?

I started growing hairs around my areolas. I want them gone! what can I do ?

Electrolysis causes permanent hair removal on both females & males. It is effective on all hair types and skin tones. 

I had laser treatment, and it did not affect my hair growth. What else can I do?

I'm tired of getting my eyebrows threaded, waxed, etc. Is there anything I can do to get rid of these hairs permanently?


Our Mission

At Reveal BK, you can always count on quality & professional electrolysis hair removal services. A place where you feel instantly welcomed and comfortable—an environment geared to transparency and inclusion. No one is perfect, and only the "imperfectly perfect" are welcomed.

Your hair removal needs will be understood and met while accompanied by a specifically curated ambiance designed with YOU in mind. So If you're ready for a 'smooth' hair-free journey, look no further; REVEAL BK is the place for you!



Danny is the best! She makes you feel super comfortable no matter what area you're treating - and electrolysis works! The space is lovely, calming, and clean!

- Caroline

So glad I found this place! Danny is awesome and super knowledgeable. I've seen a lot of progress in the area we're working on and will definitely continue coming here for any electrolysis needs!

-Esther F.

The best electrolysis experience I’ve had in the city! I highly recommend coming here for permanent hair removal. The service is fantastic and the entire experience was comfortable and enjoyable.

-Bri  H

I love this space! Super cozy, calming waiting area!! And Danny is amazing at getting all my pesky hairs!! I love coming to her for all my removal needs.

- Sabrina D.

Orange Package

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